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F Series High-performance and Heavy-loaded Drone Thrust Motor and Controller

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Nottingham Electrification Centre (simplified here after as NEC) started to research and develop electric drive system for heavy-loaded drones since January 2018, not long after its establishment,thanks to the accumulated technologies of Power Electronics, Machine and Control (simplified  here after as PECM) research group of University of Nottingham (simplified here after as UoN) in electrical drive technology for aerospace industries, and also based on the understanding of current market and technology development trend.

It successfully developed high-performance electric drive systems (motor and controller) with single electric arm of a maximum pulling force of 40 kg and four /eight rotors of amaximum force of 160/300kg same year of the start of this project. The test performance and parameters of prototypes surpass similar products in the market. 

In 2019, NEC further improved product performance and technical parameters, and expanded original products into a series of products (F Series) to include motors of 1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 35 kg, and 100 kg thrust forces, and their drive systems, which will fully cover and surpass industrial drones in the current market of plant protection, logistics,surveying and mapping, security and other professional drone application. Inthe meantime, NEC has got close contact with some high-end professional players to prepare for the strategic entry into future heavy-loaded manned drone application areas by taking advantage of the super-powerful drone drive systems of more than 100kg thrust forces.

In the meantime, NEC has always been positioning itself as an institute to synergize "world-leading technologies" with industries. Therefore, it also cooperated with Ph.D.students from PEMC team of the University of Nottingham, Ningbo (simplified here after as UNNC) in 2019 to upgrade the power system to a higher level of single-machine with 200 kg thrust force. At present, the team is fine-tuning the motor of this thrust force level and is also polishing its control system.It is expected to not only bring the maximum thrust force of heavy-loaded drone system to a new ceiling, but also make break through in manufacturing technologies.NEC has applied for invention patents on the double-rotor (internal and external) design structure and some manufacturing and assembly processes involved in this research project.
Technical parameters of heavy-loaded drone drive system:

  • Recommended thrust force range (single motor): 5-50kg(matching with 19-50-inch propeller), benchmarking some branded existing products in domestic and international markets and exceeding them by 80% interms of load;     

  • Power efficiency of the system86-89%;       

  • Power range of the system for the integrated controller:1-30kw;      

  • Maximum over-loaded capacity: 2-3.5 times; 

  • Working voltage: 24-80v;        

  • Working current: 60-280a;       

  • Working frequency: up to 1.6kHz.

  • Recommended tension range (single motor): 100-200kg(matching with propeller of more than 60 inches), no competition in current markets;   

  • Power efficiency of the system84%;        

  • Power range of the system for the integrated controller:50KW;

  • Maximum over-loaded capacity: 1.5-2 times ;

  • Working voltage:100-270V;

  • Working frequency: up to 4kHz.

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