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职位要求 / Qualification Requirements:

机械工程或相关专业毕业,硕士以上学历。欢迎国内211/985优秀本科毕业生或海归毕业生应征。Master degree holders or higher in majors such as mechanical engineering other related majors. Excellent bachelor degree holders from 211/985 universities or foreign universities are also welcome.

必须熟悉电机相关零部件的生产工艺, 包括但不仅限于机械制造工艺,绕线工艺,等等;Must be familiar with motor components-related production technologies, including but not limited to mechanical, winding, etc.

非应届毕业生需具有相关行业3年以上的工作经验, 电动汽车, 航空或新能源产业电机相关工作经验优先;Non-fresh graduates must have 3+ years working experience in related industries, preferably in electric vehicles, aerospace or new energy-related industries;

需要能阅读采用Croe/Pro-e、Solidworks、Auto Cad等软件设计的图纸。Can understand drawings made by Croe/Pro-e、Solidworks、Auto Cad, etc.

具有良好的沟通能力、团队协作能力。工作上能实事求是,求真务实; Talents with good communication skills and team work spirit. Pragmatic and work down-to-the-earth.

英语熟练, 足够采用英语书写, 交流或阅读英语技术文件。快速学习能力和沟通能力;Talents with good English skills, sufficient to read English technological documents and communicate with colleagues in English. Good learner and communicator.


工作职能/Job Description:

负责电机零件与总装图的设计与绘制;Responsible for structural and mechanical design of motors and making 2D/3D drawing for motor related components;

负责电机的机械部分及其它相关测试;Responsible for the related mechanical and other related testing of motors;

建立跨团队电机开发的能力和资源;Build up the motor development competence for cross-function team.

支持产品设计师在研发过程中的样机生产和测试;Support designers for prototyping and testing of motor development projects;

协助项目销售团队在商业项目开发过程中的技术支持;Support sales to do technical promotion and business awards.

支持产品开发过程中供应商出现的质量问题的解决;Support on supplier quality issues and questions regarding to motor components.

懂得并协助工装夹具的设计和供应商开发;Need to design fixtures and tools for related production process and contact suppliers to produce them ;